Samantha, Reina and Faith Dinda at Couples Book Launch Dreams, Resolutions and Acres of Land

Resolutions, Dreams and Acres of Land.

Happy New Year! It’s January, isn’t it amazing what God has done? I am happy that we crossed this year, together. Writing to you this month, I kept wondering what

Sanity Letter Family Moments December 2019

Why Family Matters in the Pursuit of Your Dream

My friend, chamgei! It’s December, yeah, that month of the year. Where I come from, mwezi huu ndio ule tunarejelea kama mwezi wa Siku Kuu. This is the month where

Breaking the Barriers of Mentorship

When it comes to the realm of mentorship, self-drive  takes the lead. It is a field that calls for something more than dedication, commitment, donations or even passion. Serious mentors

Mentorship Tips: The Mentor You Can Become

By Shikanda Hellen. It was Ben Carson who coined the phrase; “Sometimes you are unsatisfied with your life while many people in this world are dreaming to live your life.”

Get started

Is it Time to Take a Leap?

Today I was seriously thinking about our next venture… Is it the right time? Trust me, venturing into a pursuit of your dream can be a draining (exciting)  process…. It’s

Seven Powerful Ways To Boost Your Confidence

7 Powerful Ways To Boost Your Self-confidence

Whether it is addressing an unfamiliar crowd, making an impromptu speech, selling your products and services to potential customers and clients, appearing in an interview or even going for a

the art of self discipline

Developing the Art of Self Discipline

I am recounting those moments in life when you literally feel like you shouldn’t do anything, and no one should prompt you into doing anything either. It is funny how

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