Developing the Art of Self Discipline

the art of self discipline

I am recounting those moments in life when you literally feel like you shouldn’t do anything, and no one should prompt you into doing anything either.

It is funny how human beings are wired to operate. However, am not saying that we are sometimes lazy, of course you know that already, but I must admit that in most cases we are not just interested.

In fact, we are never interested in anything that calls for our time and resources and energy and commitment.

Self-discipline teaches that sometimes it is immoral to play cool when it is time to fight, to stay silent when a word is necessary  Click to tweet this quote

We are tuned to either play easy without supervision or sleep all day long without disturbance.

This might not make sense though in any reader who might come across this, but anyone who has ever imagined an ideal world is likely to relate with this on personal level.

As a passionate writer, I might be interested in crafting down a piece of art in a sheet of paper, but definitely not typing or sharing or the worse editing.

However, what makes us not only to write but to go through our pieces again and again, is not necessarily the fear of ridicule but rather our presence in a world that is never ideal.

There is something magical in making mistakes, it brings the magic in every individual.

Yesterday I ran into a young boy in town and stopped to say hi. As I was about to leave, I asked him to wish me something in particular and to amusement, I got what literally shocked my nerves. In that still small voice he said, “mistakes to learn from.”

However embracing these tiny mistakes as lessons rather than objects to weigh us down, is a habit which has to be cultivated over the years with sheer determination and perseverance. This blog, Penny-matters is not about money but rather advancement. Every advancement must be accompanied by series of pains, mistakes as well as streams of joys and successes.

To advance to something better or somewhere more beautiful than where you were, you need to use where and what you are to the fullest! This process is not sugary, in fact it tastes like bile yet in the same condition no one allows you to frown or contort your face in bitterness or disgust.

As long as you still in the lane of those pursuing greater things in life, you will be required to smile, stick out your tongue and taste all these sorrows and bitterness and setbacks.

In life I have learned to walk through life not with my arms necessarily fidgeted and ready for self-defense from all the miseries and hurts that are likely to come along but rather with my palms open and stretched forward.

This, to me, means two things. First, I am willing to take enough risks, pains and challenges that come my way even though definitely I will end up with wounds and bruises. Secondly, I am always ready to tap all the blessings and beauty that may fall from the sky.

Human mind is a bit weird sometimes and that is why it shouldn’t be given 100% freedom. 

It has to be conditioned again and again until the aspect of positive thinking sticks to it. This process of conditioning is what I term as self-disciplining one’s mind. It is focusing your mind on one thing at a time without allowing yourself to be distracted.

We are always in the process of becoming and since we are still learning, we should maximize our time in training our mind to be more than sharp; to be positive.

As much as the situation could be disheartening, our minds must never lose the aspect of hope and optimism.

I have one rule when it comes to taking risks; Take the risk because you never actually risk anything!

Not taking risks is in fact, risking everything.

You risk meeting great people, building greater networks and links or generating leads. A journalist who wants to operate within the safe areas of Nairobi, will never come to the limelight of covering something peculiar and unique and that which the viewers will be interested in.

This explains why journalists who venture in the behind-the-scenes investigations end up being more popular than those who don’t dare.

In a nutshell, this world is being ran by self-discipline. Those who lack it risk the fate of being tossed back and forth, abused and misused, or rather play safe to that moment when the world will doubt if they really lived.

Self-discipline will teach you some of the things which you think are not really bad. Self-discipline teaches that sometimes it is immoral to play cool when it is time to fight for something, to stay silent when a word is necessary or to criticize something when its praise could make it better!

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