Is it Time to Take a Leap?

Get started

Today I was seriously thinking about our next venture… Is it the right time?

Trust me, venturing into a pursuit of your dream can be a draining (exciting)  process…. It’s no mean feat!

The key is to stay motivated and patient,  but how? 

Apart from my running Impossible Motive, I also have a media company, PennyMatters that is quite involving and demanding. I am also doing internship program as I work towards my Analytical Chemistry degree. 

Impossible Motive was my idea back at high school, three years ago, and I was only able to start the actualization of it during my second year in college, as Dream Possible mentorship club

I often tell people, this world isn’t more of an athletic field where you compete to be the first to reach the finishing line first, but rather,  it’s a supermarket aisle.

You stop to pick the things you need, without necessarily worrying that others will reach the counter before you.

So no matter how slow you going,push on,  and yeah, even if through hell, keep going, you will soon be out of it.

There isn’t, and actually never been the best time to do take a shot in the human history.

The idea is to believe.  You’ve got no idea how powerful our minds are. Growing up,  my mum always used to remind me that my name wasn’t just a name…  “Hey Victor, you are a victor. ”

In my senior year in high school,  I chose a pen name for my first eBook, Mysson Humane (Which came from the words: Mission for Humanity)

You see, there must always be a motivation behind everything that you do, why you doing it, and where you heading on with it….

Love doing something? Then that is the right thing to do.  Get down to business.  Don’t wait, and don’t pause. The only way to start doing something, is to start doing it.

I know this will surprise you , but actually I started running PennyMatters without a laptop, for almost two years. 2017-2019. 

Hey, wait so where did you blog from? 

Most of my drafts were done on phone.  And yes, that entailed writing over 2000 words blog posts .  I then used my institutions computer center to do lots of editing graphics and  SEO.

So is it the right time to get started? And how do you stay motivated and on course? You get to decide

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