Why Family Matters in the Pursuit of Your Dream

Sanity Letter Family Moments December 2019

My friend, chamgei!

It’s December, yeah, that month of the year.

Where I come from, mwezi huu ndio ule tunarejelea kama mwezi wa Siku Kuu.

This is the month where all of us gather together around the bonfire, roasting maize (and meat) and telling stories from the ancient times that we lived not in! Five brothers, all of them with dynamic views and aspirations. Naomi would dash in now and then, not to join in conversations, but to be embraced by the warmth of her big fives.

What Naomi doesn’t know, is that her real first name was actually to be Mercy. Everybody knew her by that name during the first week of her arrival, then Dad, on a particular Saturday morning, her 8th day, changed her name to Naomy, citing that Mercy was not a name in the Holy book. Tuligoma, For some reason, we had fallen in love with the new princess, na confusions ndogo ndogo hatukuwa tunataka…

Before you ask us who were we, to meddle, remember we were five brothers. Apparently we needed someone to bring sanity in the room.

Growing up, if there is something I am grateful for is the people God has put in my path. My mum, (yeah) is the strongest woman on earth, (I can say that again) who braved all the odds to keep her family intact. Resilience is something that we’ve learned from her. For dad, family comes first. To date, my younger siblings have been part and parcel of every decision that we make.

Okay okay Mysson, what is it you have for me?

We’ve interacted. You’ve told me about your brother, or your sister or your mum, or your besties, or your concern for street kids. I noticed how your eyes glowed every time you talked about them. So much love, and passion and zeal.

As you gather this month, I pray that you may have the best of times with whatever you’ve got, knowing that things do get better and that He got you in the palm of His hands, not just your back.

Till Next Year, Keep on Holding Hands. God knows we need that more than anything… Erokamano!

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