Resolutions, Dreams and Acres of Land.

Samantha, Reina and Faith Dinda at Couples Book Launch Dreams, Resolutions and Acres of Land

Happy New Year!

It’s January, isn’t it amazing what God has done? I am happy that we crossed this year, together.

Writing to you this month, I kept wondering what exactly is going on in your world. Did you get a job, running a business, bought acres of land, finishing schooling, tied a knot, or even got a ‘junior you’ supposed to turn 1 this year? How are the cattle and the sheep of your parents doing? I need some for the forthcoming dowry payment. For my brother. Don’t worry, the date is not fixed yet. And by the way, how is your brother doing? How did your sister perform in last year’s national exams?

There is a lot about you that I long to know because, in the end, you are not just a number in my long list of friends. You’ve been a partner in this journey, daring me to do things that I never thought that I was capable of, helped me when I got stuck. I hope this letter does what it is meant to do, to keep us close in 2020

There is a lot that I want to wish for you this year, but on second thought, let those be prayer points. For now, I want to challenge you to gather everything that you’ve got and embark on a journey of the impossibles. Chase your dreams come what may, throw yourself out there, looking and I assure you, doors will fling open if you keep knocking. Engage in deep intimate yet vulnerable conversations with your own trustees.

Make intimate connections, value family, call often than you’ve been doing, listen as to care, show up always, something else can always wait. Be the man of your word. And most importantly, learn to love deeply, otherwise, achana na mtoto wa wenyewe.

Keep doing the tiny small things that you know how to do best, making every day a good day. If things don’t go as planned, as they occasionally will, I want you to trust that things do get better, as they usually do.

Till next month, you take care.

You treasured! Kongoi!


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