Talking Humans to Humanity


Deep down every individual exists a burning desire; the desire to do things a different way, to become a better person and to make straight the curves of yesterday in order to have a better future tomorrow. This hidden desire is what reminds us that humanity still exist even in the era when almost everything once termed evil is now permissible. Humans never lose the sense of caring, or even a mere thought to do so. To build a better world therefore, mankind must heed to this call and obey its inner voice which has never stopped crying out.

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Talking Humans to humanity comes as a limelight to awaken the individuals from their slumber while answering some of the critical questions like, “whom am I?”, “Is it okay to be rich?” and so forth. However, it is impossible to understand others, if you don’t understand yourself! When it gets to you why you do things a certain way, chances are you will get to know why they do some things a certain way! The chapter on the Hidden Treasure reminds humanity of its power, purpose and goal. In this topic, I exploit man’s capability, debunked some myths and urge him to ditch his comfort zone. This is a very necessary fundamental step towards appreciating the aspect of diversity and humanity.

This book therefore, is an important guide in helping you understand who you are, how to live with people because we are social beings and we can never live in isolation; to deal with day to day challenges, to dream big and huge, to protect your own personality, recover lost personality and much more. You will also get to know why sometimes you have to live within your limits than to wallow in fantasy. Unfortunately, by focusing too much on the future, most of our ‘todays’ have slipped on unused! The aspect of humanity calls one to be real and present! The topic on Amazing facts about amazing people clarifies this to a larger extent, and highlights very important principles that these amazing individuals have adopted. However, in order to hang out with amazing people, you have to be an amazing person yourself! Hopefully, this book will transform into one.

So as you flip through the pages of this eBook, may you find a reassuring conviction that you have within your limits what it takes to be an amazing person.

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