How to Register a Business in Kenya

QuestionsCategory: RegistrationHow to Register a Business in Kenya
Mysson Victor Staff asked 2 years ago
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Staminad Books for Business Staff answered 2 years ago

Registering a company in Kenya in the digital era has been made easier via the eCitizen portal.
The platform allows individuals to carry out the entire process from name search to actual registration at your own convenience. As of October 15, 2017, manual registration was abolished.
Business Name Search
Log on to your eCitizen account. If you don’t have an account already, click on the signup button which will guide you on the simple process, once done, the system will send you an email verification. Click on the link shared.
Once done/logged in, you will be able to see the various government agencies you can interact with on display.
Click on the Business Registration Service button from the various options.
You will then be redirected to a page that will prompt you to register your business name.
Enter your preferred name and the relevant details.
You will be prompted to pay a fee of Ksh 150 per name search, with the various payment options available being M-Pesa, Debit/credit/prepaid cards or eCitizen agent.
Choose your preferred payment method.
The name search results are usually available on the portal within one or two business days.
Once your business name is approved, you can now move on to register your business.

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