What Online Business Ideas Are Viable in Kenya?

QuestionsCategory: Business IdeasWhat Online Business Ideas Are Viable in Kenya?
Staminad Books for Business Staff asked 2 years ago

I am looking for viable business ideas that I can start in Kenya delivering them purely digitally

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Mysson Victor Staff answered 2 years ago

There are several ideas that you can start in Kenya. Here, I have listed over 120 ideas.

  1. Start a Resume Writing Service
  2. Launch a Profitable Web Design Business
  3. Run a Ghostwriting Business
  4. Start a Money Making Blog
  5. Amazon Kindle Publishing
  6. Start a Serious Data Mining Firm
  7. Start a Dropshipping Business
  8. Offer Transcription Services
  9. Offer Data entry Services on Your Website
  10. Start a Social Media Consultancy
  11. Make Money Online with Affiliate marketing.
  12. Do Forex trading if you’re good at it
  13. Start a Virtual Assistance Business
  14. Run a Social Media Management Agency.
  15. Start a Digital Marketing Agency.
  16. Start Consultancy Online Business.
  17. Become a Life Coach, a Business Coach
  18. Start a Pinterest Marketing Agency.
  19. Write and Sell Authority Books on Your Website
  20. Offer Online Courses.
  21. Start an SEO agency.
  22. Vlogging/ YouTube Personality
  23. Start a Wowing T-shirt Business
  24. Start a Graphics Design Business
  25. Teach English Online.
  26. Start an Online Public Relations Firm
  27. Sell Planners and Digital Printables
  28. Become a Freelance Writer.
  29. Become a content strategist.
  30. Start a Blog Management Service
  31. Do custom illustrations
  32. Start a SaaS Business
  33. Become a Facebook Ads Manager or Start Facebook Ads Management Service.
  34. Develop and Sell Software.
  35. Start a Podcast
  36. Start an editing and Proofreading Business
  37. Website copywriting
  38. Become a Freelance Blogger
  39. Sell Slogans with Slogans seller
  40. Become a Voiceover artist
  41. Start a Scalable photography business.
  42. Start a Dedicated Branding Business
  43. Develop and Sell WordPress Themes and Plugins
  44. Create Videos for Brands
  45. Sell Online Stock Photos
  46. Steal Concept from Medium and Edublogs.
  47. Sell Services on Fiverr
  48. Start Mobile Apps Development
  49. Make an Online Job Board
  50. Set up an eCommerce website
  51. Buy and Sell Domains
  52. Start Pay Per Click consulting business
  53. Sell products on eBay
  54. Become a web/WordPress developer
  55. Build niche websites and monetize them
  56. Offer Lead Generation services and tools
  57. Start a technical writing company
  58. Start a viral Listicle blog
  59. Start an Amazon FBA business
  60. Run websites maintenance firm
  61. Become a video creator/ online video production
  62. Start a TV commercials production company
  63. Online recruiting agency
  64. Online Translation
  65. Design and produce lead magnets for small businesses and blogs
  66. Start an automation service (systems) business
  67. Develop and monetize WordPress plugins
  68. Write speeches and offer public speaking training services
  69. Create a microjob website like Fiverr
  70. Build an online Marketplace like shopify
  71. Offer technical support services for SaaS companies
  72. Build a niche Reviews Site
  73. Build an online auctioning website like eBay
  74. Document creations for companies (help docs)
  75. Become a landing page design and writing specialist
  76. Start a collaborative online school like Udemy
  77. Become a presentation decks designer and consultant
  78. Turn poetry into visual arts and sell online
  79. Start a Data analysis company
  80. Freelance eBook Writing
  81. Dating and relationships consultancy
  82. Run a dedicated book keeping service company
  83. Job search consulting
  84. Life coaching business
  85. Life coaching business
  86. Online Research and Market monitoring and Reporting
  87. Crowdfunding consulting
  88. Computer training and lessons
  89. Contract customer service provider
  90. Build a Chrome extension and monetize it
  91. Start a paid-to-access niche forum
  92. Start a Domain registration business like Godaddy and Namecheap
  93. Run an inbox management company like InboxDone
  94. Run a college consulting business
  95. Telemarketing
  96. Career coaching
  97. Online fundraising and grant writing
  98. Invest in peer to peer loans
  99. Start a niche subscription box business
  100. Offer inclusion training services
  101. Instagram management consultancy
  102. Create an app that compares product prices from different stores
  103. Create a team of outsourced professionals
  104. Become a freelance programmer
  105. Run a virtual call center
  106. Run a CRM Implementation service
  107. Digital movie and music distribution
  108. Interview coaching
  109. Start an Internet security consulting firm
  110. Run an email outreach consultancy
  111. Develop a chat support software
  112. Develop helpdesk online tools
  113. Start a niche e-magazine
  114. Internet of Things Service Provider
  115. Become an online business broker
  116. Become an online news correspondent
  117. Become a music instructor
  118. Start an image consultancy business for business and personal brands
  119. Influencer marketing
  120. Online games development

To learn more about how to implement some of these ideas, visit this article by Penny Media

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